Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Beeson Family Thanksmas

Aaaahhhhhh, Thanksmas. It's a glorious tradition stemming back to my childhood when my parents decided we would spend Christmas at my Granny and Papaw's house and we would have Christmas at Thanksgiving with my Grandma Beeson. All my cousins and family on my Dad's side would gather together for "Thanksmas" and the tradition has lived on since then.
My Dad made it home from Kodiak Alaska just in time for Thanksmas! Here he is with Lydia.
My mom is incredible. She made it possible for us to celebrate Tracy's Birthday, Thanksgiving and Christmas in their entirety in a mere 4 day span. She is astounding. Also, the food she made was amazing.

This year was absolutely wonderful in every way. We just relaxed, spent time in nature, shot some guns (as usual) and spent quality time as a family.
Grammy walking in the woods with Ruby and Lydia.
Ruby exploring Papa's meadow
We also built a lot of fires. Here's Uncle Aaron teaching his nieces how to arrange the ash to create the perfect air flow.

Aunt Gela painting Ruby's nails.
The guys grew "Novembeards" then posed Olan Mills style for this picture. haha.

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Johnson said...

You are BLESSED Amber!