Wednesday, November 30, 2011

...for the Birds

Mom Purse

I used to have 3 things in my purse.

  1. wallet
  2. cellphone
  3. chapstick
Now I have a proper "Mom Purse". I just cleaned it out and found the following:
  • half of a green crayon
  • 6 cheerios
  • headband
  • fingernail polish
  • turtle finger puppet
  • 2 old grocery lists
  • 6 bags of fruit snacks
  • plastic spoon
  • sharpie pens
  • three 1GB thumb drives
  • my wallet
  • 1 penny
  • baby orajel
  • antibacterial hand gel
  • lotion
  • 2 packs of gum
  • dried up lip gloss
  • a pine cone
  • my coupon file
  • raisins... not in a package, just raisins.
  • bobby pins
  • 2 diapers in 2 sizes, neither of which fit either of my children.
  • bulletin from church
  • empty pack of baby wipes
  • jar baby food (sweet potatoes)
  • 3 of Ruby's bracelets
  • Ruby's spare underwear and stretch pants
Whew! Talk about the glamourous life! 

Monday, November 28, 2011

Sometimes I just need some space...

Would you believe my computer has run out of space? My external hard drive from 2007 is full too... so until I get a new hard drive so I can dump the rest of my pictures and videos off of my computer, I'm pretty much unable to post pictures of all the happenings around here lately. Apparently I take a lot of pictures and videos. The good news is that I just ordered a new external hard drive on Amazon, so in another day or two you can be totally bombarded by bloginess.

Until then, here's how people from Michigan show you where they live. I never knew this until I went to college in Michigan... but I was from Indiana then, so I would just hold my hand up and point below my wrist. Oh Michiganders. So silly.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Dad is Home!

Here's the picture proof!
My dad made it home in time for Thanksgiving!!

For stories and pictures of his "extended stay" in the Alaskan Wilderness tune in to in the coming weeks...

Thank you so much for your prayers and thoughtfulness for my family!
Happy Thanksgiving!!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Kodiak: 0, Mark Beeson: 1

PRAISE THE LORD! Dad just called mom to let her know they made it to Kodiak City!! The pilots were flying today and finally one came for Dad and Steve! They still have to figure out how to get flights from Kodiak Island to Anchorage and then home from there... but they can't do anything until tomorrow, so hopefully they'll just find a motel, take warm showers and rest for a few hours tonight.

Mom is beside herself with happiness. I can't express our relief! Thank you so much for praying for his health and safety during this crazy time!

He's safe! He's warm! He's exhausted... but we could not be more grateful! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Winds of Change on Kodiak

Recent updates make it sound like he might actually be able to get a flight home sooner rather than later! Thanks for your continued prayers!
Here's what he said:

Wednesday Nov 16th late night email from Dad to Mom:

We've got a shift in the wind. It's blowing from the south right now. It hasn't done that all week. The Outfitter says it hasn't done that for nearly 4 weeks!  Maybe this is the first sign of some positive change in the weather. It's possible that we can get out tomorrow. If not, it's predicted that the snow will end and the winds calmed down by Friday.  We'll be heading that way soon. 
Thursday Nov 17th morning email from Dad to Mom:

We've gotten packed and we're ready to fly. If we're high enough on the priority list they'll probably pick us up today. We are READY! If we can't get out I'll let you know, otherwise I'll call you from Kodiak City when we arrive there. Maybe today is the day! The winds have died down. The sun is bright and beautiful. It all looks "good" where we are. We've actually heard a couple of planes as they flew to rescue the hunters in dire straits. We're fine. We'll be fine until they get us and then we'll head home. I love you so much! I can't wait to see you again.

Day 15 Update from Kodiak

Today is the 15th day my dad has been on Kodiak. They're 4 hours behind, so the email I am sharing this morning is from late in the evening yesterday. Assuming my dad sends an email today, I'll post another update this afternoon. Thanks for your continued prayers! We know God is in control and we're trusting Him!

Wed November 16th late evening email from Dad to Mom:

Doing well here. There's ZERO chance a plane could land here. The gusts hitting the cabin are 70 mph. No way a plane is coming in here. Not today; maybe tomorrow. :) 
Our stream is frozen, but the creek up the way isn't. No worries about that. It's not going to freeze; there's so much water rushing down the mountain side that I wouldn't be surprised if it doesn't freeze all winter. We've got water.

I thought of our kids today when we broke open a tube of liver sausage (they'd probably know it as Braunswager, but I'm not sure they like it all that much). I told everyone how special this was, and asked why we had hidden and saved such a delicacy for so long. It's about time we brought out the "good stuff.'  I showed 'em how to eat it with mustard. Now they are in love with liver sausage too.  :)

I've gotten some good pictures today. Despite the fierce winds, the sun has been shining all morning. It's beautiful with the snow blowing everywhere. (As soon as you get away from the shoreline, the snow is thigh deep. No kidding. Walking is quite arduous... but it's no problem. Anyway, I got a really good picture of a Sitka doe with the mountains in the background. Really remarkable because everything kind of came together for the shot: sun was great, mountains in the background, she didn't know I was there for a long she was looking around and not just at me, and I was here with my camera! I hope I'm not disappointed when I get the picture "blown up" on my computer screen...but it looks good on my little "review screen" on the back of my camera.  :)

I jumped on line when it was possible just to say that we learned it was 11 degrees below zero last night in Anchorage. That's not including wind chill. No wonder it feels cold here!  It actually is cold here!   Zow.

We're good. We're fine.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Earthquake? For real?

We'll be adding another issue to the prayer list... that's right folks, as if this adventure could get any more interesting we just got another update from my Dad and last night there was an EARTHQUAKE! Can you even imagine!?!? I'm pretty sure I'm getting an ulcer just living vicariously through his emails!

Here's what just came through from my dad to my mom:

Last night was cold. Winds increased from 50 to 70 mph and the gusts shook the cabin. I wouldn't have thought much about the shaking (since I've grown accustomed to the fierce winds whipping across the Ugak Bay and hitting the cabin) but at 2:15 AM we had an earthquake!  Incredible. Who would have imagined anything else could happen...and then...RUMBLE...and earthquake!  Amazing. There was no damage, but we did wonder whether it was worse we kept an eye out for the waters of the bay to recede (indicating a tsunami was coming in). That's how it works; the waters all sweep out from the land...then the wall of water hits.  That didn't happen (as I figured it wouldn't) and everything is back to normal here: high winds and snow and cold.  It's life on Kodiak! :)   Honestly, I'm loving this experience. I'm HATING being away from you, but I'm loving this opportunity to see these sights, experience these harsh conditions and photograph these remarkable scenes.

I'm sure everyone is helped by a positive attitude. Some of the guys seem a bit negative about the whole thing, but I'm pulling hard for everyone to to "up and to the right" with their attitudes. We're here. We're not leaving until the planes can fly. I tell 'em to enjoy it and make memories they'll cherish for the decades ahead. So far, so good. Everyone is actually doing fine with it and Steve is positive too. He knows it's futile to get upset about things you can't change. I'm glad for his faith.
I've fallen in love with the wood stove. It's not very big, but it is AWESOME! I think I need one. Of course, that means I've got to build a little log cabin to put it in, but I think if we sell the house we'd have enough money to buy both: a wood stove and a little cabin to put it in!  :)        Kidding.....

I'm sure some of the guys in tent-camps on Kodiak are in real trouble now. We're fine, but I'll not be surprised to learn some of the guys in tents have hypothermia. Once that sets in, it's very bad. There's no way they can get warm again. They're out of food (we're not), they're out of fuel for their stoves (we're not) and they might be out of water (we're not...though our nearest streams are now frozen solid, but we have a bigger creek some distance away, so we just go there to fill our water buckets).  All in all, I'm in GREAT SHAPE and happy...except for missing you.
If I stay here for another 38 days I'll be able to apply for my license as an "Apprentice Guide" on Kodiak....not that I'm trying for that goal.  It's just a fun conversation we've been having around here. I tell everyone I'm in training.  I pitch-in and help with all the chores. Steve does too. Apparently, that doesn't happen very often because the Outfitter and our Guide both seem startled every time we jump up to help. I guess a lot of people expect to be served all the time....even in hunting camp.  Amazing. 

Update from Kodiak

As of this afternoon my Dad is still stranded on Kodiak. The more days that pass, the more surreal this whole predicament becomes. Luckily his personality is beyond optimistic in general... this would push any normal person off the deep end. He seems to be keeping his spirits high, trusting that God is in control and encouraging the men he is stranded with. If I were stranded on Kodiak, it would be quite fun to be stranded there with him.
Here are the updates since my last post.

Tuesday Nov 15th evening email from Dad to Mom:

We've had a brief break in the storm. Of course, that doesn't mean the airbase isn't getting pounded. I'm sure they'll fly if they can, and they won't if they can't. We have food. Don't worry about me. I'm fine. And we've got deer in the mountains to kill and eat if necessary. No worries. I'm in the wilderness. I've got a gun. I've got the magic little "fire-starters" we found at the store and I've got my camera. How could my situation be any better?  :)    (Only if you were here.... then THAT would be better.) 
OK that's it. Gotta run. I'm going to look out the window and see if a plane is coming.  Wahoo!  I'll be home before you know it....and we'll tell stories about the days we shared the "Storm of the Century in Alaska!" 
Tuesday Nov 15th late evening email from Dad to Mom:
The last few minutes of light are almost here. Unless the plane lands within the next hour, we'll be here tonight. It's gotten quite cold. About 20 degrees. The wind is blowing 40 mph so that makes the chill factor pretty chilly.  :)   
You can tell them at SWAT that Kodiak is amazing. All the bears are not hibernating yet. That's pretty cool. Once they're den up for the winter they're done here at the lower elevations. Some are still out...which is unusual since it is so very cold and the wind has blown with such ferocity for the last 3 weeks here. The Outfitters are surprised that we can still track the big boars...and they leave AMAZING tracks in the snow! What a great animal!  They're incredible.

We got the boat back in the water today. After we got it bailed out, and rescued most of the gear that had floated away, the boat broke the mooring ropes, but we saw it when it happened so we were able to get in the surf and save the boat, thereby averting a small crisis. We pulled it out of the water. Today we put it back in. That doesn't sound like a big deal unless you're trying to do it in these weather conditions.  It's pretty severe here.  All are fine. The boat is in the water and we're fine.  Wahoo!

I've not taken too many pictures today. Everything is white, or some version thereof. Not much color...and the wind is so brutal that the it's hard to keep snow off the lens. I'm still trying though. It's great fun.

Steve and I are fine.
Wednesday Nov 16th morning email from my mom to my siblings and I:

Hey Kids,
Not much news from Dad.  I did get news that the snow and high winds shut everything down on Kodiak.  Dad said the snow was worse, and the winds at 56 mph.  Not the best news.  He says he is good, as of course, he would!!

I was reminded today that a decade ago without the internet I would not know if dad was dead or alive!!  I am sooooo thankful there is internet access, however remote!  When he and Steve were dropped in the arctic circle tundra a few years ago, I knew nothing. And there was no communication with anyone until the bush pilots picked them up. Was I a crazy letting him be so adventuresome???  At least we are communicating, and that helps so much.
Keep praying today. I believe in miracles! God is in control...even of the weather in Kodiak.  Safe travel is the next priority so he can get home soon!
Love you all,Mom

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

More News from Kodiak

My Dad is still stranded... this is his 12th day on Kodiak - but he sent my mom some updates since my last post that I'd like to share so you can keep praying for his safe return! I'm praying that TODAY IS THE DAY!

This was a picture dad took of himself when he was in Alaska a few years ago. I stole it from 
Monday November 14th morning email from Dad to Mom:
Today we packed everything up. That's how possible it is that a plane will fly today. We're packed and ready if one comes in. If not, we'll unpack and stay another day. But there is a lot of time left for a pilot to get here and get us out, so we want to be ready.  Our window might be small, so we don't want to waste time loading up for the flight. That way we can unload the guys coming in to the camp, load the plane with our stuff, and get in the air.  Kodiak City isn't all that far. We just have one mountain pass to navigate and we'll be there. No worries. No problems.
Monday November 14th afternoon email from Dad to Mom:
Good news. We were sitting down to eat (winds were blowing between 40-50 mph) and a plane landed! Incredible. The Outfitter told the pilot, "I told you it was bad." The pilot replied, "It's definitely not flying weather!" He unloaded some hunters who've been waiting in Kodiak City and we were able to load up the two hunters here who really needed to go. We were glad to get them back to the city and since Steve and I are in good shape here we stayed behind so they could get out. The plane could only take two people out, no more. The plane lifted off fine (easier to do when headed into such a powerful headwind) and they're on their way. I won't be surprised if we get another plane out here this afternoon. All we need is for the wind to lay down a bit and we'll be on our way. 
Monday November 14th evening email from Dad to Mom:
Everything here is fine. The wind is howling, but it appears the forecast is for less wind in the morning. If they're right, that'll help us get a plane out here so Steve and I can go to Kodiak City. Once there we can re-book our flights and head to Anchorage. The airline has 7 flights scheduled each day... from Kodiak to Anchorage, so if the airport is open and the weather between here and there is OK, we'll be in Anchorage by tomorrow afternoon. 
Tuesday November 15th morning email from Dad to Mom:
We have very low wind (5 mph) which makes the flying easy for the pilots. The problem is that we're in a blizzard and there is zero visibility. They can't fly if they can't see. So, I'm praying the snow will let up and the plane can safely make it here. I'm confident we'll get out today.
Tuesday November 15th afternoon email from Dad to Mom:
Everything I'm hearing here is that the wind is supposed to crank back up tomorrow. If we don't get out today, we may not get out until Friday. Not sure. We're just playing it by ear. There's been some chatter about Coast Guard rescues, but we certainly don't require that. Some of the guys who are in "spike camps" (where they hike up the mountain with all their gear (tents, sleeping bag, sleeping pad, food, etc) have run out of food now. A few are at risk...and several have no SAT phones or radios. They're in it. Cold. Wet. Hungry. If the Coast Guard goes out for folks, it's for people like that, not people like me.  So if you hear about such things, don't think they're coming for us. That would be ridiculous. They'll just go for the guys who are in danger of dying. We're not. We're fine.  No worries.  
It's amazing that I've got email access from time to time. I'm soooooooo glad to be able to email you....and to hear back from you! It's great to ge in touch.   
There are still a few hours today where the plane might show up. It's only 11:20 AM now, so they could still show up this afternoon. I'll be expecting that. Like I said, I'm packed and ready to go.  :)  
I love my "filtered water bottle."  It's awesome. And talk about cold water! Yiiiiiii.  It's like a brain-freeze with every sip!   
I'm still encouraging the group to enjoy these days. I've told them "we're bulding memories."  I'm not sure they believe me, but it's true. I'm not just saying it. These are days I'll probably never forget.  I AM building memories.  :)   No lie.   
OK. Enough for now. I'm going to go look out the window and see if the plane is landing on the bay in front of the cabin.  

Monday, November 14, 2011

News from Kodiak

Speaking of shenanigans, my dad is stranded on Kodiak Island in Alaska. He was up there last week hunting and taking pictures when the epic "snowicane" hit Alaska. High winds have prevented him from flying out and we aren't sure when the bush pilots will be able to pick him up at this point. He is safe and everything is fine. He isn't alone - his friend Steve is with him and they have an outfitter/guide guy stranded with them too... so they should be fine. Luckily my dad is a "survivor man" type instead of a sissy.

With permission from my mom, I thought I'd share a few excerpts from the email correspondence he's had with her since Friday (the day he was supposed to fly home) so that you can be praying for his safe return!

If you've been following the information is not correct. For accurate forecasts on Kodiak go to and click on the "public" tab.
his approximate location....
Friday November 11th email from Dad to Mom:
Looks like everything in Alaska is shut down. Anchorage airport is closed. Kodiak airport is closed. All air traffic across the island of Kodiak is restricted. No one can fly. A blizzard hit last night and we're here for a while. Everything is fine. Steve and I went out this morning in the blizzard and shot ducks. Well, he shot ducks and I took pictures. It's been a wonderful week. I can't do anything about getting back home so I'm trying to simply relax and let another day on Kodiak sink in. It's the most amazing place. Incredible.

So, if you've been praying I'd get a lot of time on Kodiak Island, your prayers have been answered.  :)
Since the law shut down all flights, we're here for the rest of today.... at least. We'll see about tomorrow. They're predicting high winds, which make flying impossible, so I'm not sure when we'll get back to the city of Kodiak. Once there we'll fly to Anchorage, then follow our previous flight plans. However, with so many flights cancelled, I can't say when we'll actually be able to get on a plane. 
Our guides have been great. They're helpful and they know everything about Alaska. My guy has guided in Alaska for 30 years. 
Tell everyone at GCC I'm grounded in a blizzard on Kodiak in the wilderness and can't get back until the bush pilots are willing to fly.  When that happens, I'm on my way.
Saturday November 12th email from Dad to Mom:
The storm that hit Alaska has been awesome to see. Yesterday we got a ton of snow. Last night the winds blew at 70 - 80 mph. Our boat sank so we're pulling it out today. The Outfitter lost some gear from the boat (since it swamped) and it floated away. We'll see what we can find along the shorelines today. The winds have shifted so they're coming out of the Northwest this morning. Much better this morning; winds are in the 40's now so it won't be as difficult getting the boat back in fine working condition. It's an 18' LUND with a huge 50 horsepower Honda engine. Luckily, the boat swamped at low tide so it's not completely underwater. We'll get it.

Yesterday we spent some time bringing firewood in. The little stove is the only heat we have, but it is sooooo much warmer than the tent I stayed in on my Caribou hunt that it feels like Shangri-la.  :-) I'm warm and fine. I didn't say anything about this earlier but all of the water froze our 2nd day here. So we've had no running water this week. That's a lot like tent-camping.... since the only water available is water carried from the nearby streams... in 5 gallon buckets. It's all quite rustic, and quite delightful. I'm actually having a blast. It's such an "other" experience... like being in an environment so totally different and so totally unique to my experience that everything is more fun than frustrating. 
I've very little hope that any planes will fly today. The winds are fierce. Pilots won't fly if it's dangerous. Period. So, don't worry about me. I'm in a great place and I'm having a great time. I just with I could be with you...and I'm looking forward to leaving...but there' nothing either of us can do about this. The weather won't permit our departure. Until it changes we'll keep praying for each other and trusting God with our lives. We're in HIS Hands. No worries. I'll hold you close in my prayers and see you as soon as I can get back home. Forecasts today are for 50 mph winds. I may be here a while.

You can tell the staff, your friends, our kids or anyone at GCC any of this information. There's no secret to this. I don't care if the church is made aware of the situation. And if people pray for a safe return, that'll be fine too.  Whatever you want to do with this info is fine.  I love you.  :)
Sunday November 13th morning email from Dad to Mom:
We got up this water because everything is frozen solid... so I heated up some water on the stove and washed my hair. It's not good, but it sure is better than it was. :-)  I've not missed the water at all. There is a breezy outhouse less than 100 yards from the cabin. We've got a stream nearby and I have the bottle with the water purifier that I brought with me. I'm in good shape. 
Looks like the wind is going to blow for a while. It may slow down for a short time this afternoon, and if it does we'll be on a plane headed for Kodiak City. If not (and we assume it will not) then we'll probably be able to fly out tomorrow. I think the winds are dying down then. The only other factor is the guys who are out in the wilderness in "spike camps." Some of them may be in bad shape and I'm guessing they'll fly out the "nearly frozen and dead" before they come for us.  However, we're closer to the airbase, so they might get us just because we're close enough that they can. Some of the "spike camp" guys are two or three times as far away from Kodiak City as we are, so they may get us when they can't get the others. Whatever. I'm fine.
Sunday November 13th afternoon email from Dad to Mom:
We're not flying today. At least, that's the word as of now. Hopefully the wind will settle down tomorrow and the fog won't ground the planes. Can you imagine the poor hunters who've been sitting in Kodiak City all these days? Their hunt is cut short... and there's nothing that can be done about it. They'll get here on the plane that takes us out. I'll bet they are really frustrated! At least we are in this beautiful, rugged, amazing place while the winds blow. They're just sitting in a hotel. Too bad for them.  Good for us.  :)
Sunday November 13th evening email from Dad to Mom:
Our outfitter just got word from Andrew's Air that they are closing down the base for today. No more flights. The good thing about that is ... now we know. I'm not flying to Kodiak City tonight. You can go to bed without wondering. :)

Our weather forecast just changed too. Earlier it said Monday would be winds of about 10 mph. Now they are saying the winds will be steady at 35, with gusts much higher. Of course, you can't trust what the weatherman says. They're wrong as often as they're right.  :)  We'll just wait until tomorrow and see if the weather breaks. I sure hope so. I miss you soooooo much!

It's gotten quite cold in the mountains where we are… I'm fine, but it is much colder. You can feel it.

They outfitter just keeps saying they've NEVER had weather like this. They've had days like this, but not days and days all in a row! It's unheard of....and my outfitter has been doing this for 27 years on this inlet of Ugak Bay. Amazing. Not only that, but as of tonight we're setting a record. In the last 27 years he has never had a group "weathered-in" here at the camp for as long as we've been here. So we'll be holders of the new "longest amount of time weathered-in" at this hunting camp. Quite an honor, don't you think?  :)

It really is beautiful. It really is awesome. This place is remarkable and I'm astounded at the world God made. I keep looking around me thinking, "If this is only the creation, think how awesome the Creator must be!!!"  I'm moved by it. God feels near.

If you go to Experiencing God Monday night, it's OK to let people know I'm stranded in the wilderness mountains of Kodiak Island in the "Super Storm" that slammed Alaska.  More praying can't hurt anything.  I'm sure the class will be awesome on Monday and I hope you'll go and enjoy it. 
So that's the news we have from him at this point. Thanks for your prayers! I'll update as soon as we know he's on his way home! Talk about SHENANIGANS!

UPDATE as of 5pm Monday:: 
Info from the air base - they had a small window to fly today - the pilots picked up some of the guys in tents who were farther out and worse off - did not pick up my dad. Maybe tomorrow! Keep praying!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Clara is 6 Months Old!

I seriously cannot even believe that my baby girl is already 6 months old. According to her half year checkup Tuesday she's in the 25th percentile for weight (nearly 15lbs), 50th for height and 75th for head circumference. Ruby had similar stats at her 6-month appointment but weighed one pound more.

Her hair is staying dark but her eyes are staying blue - a beautiful trait I'd like to thank Ryan's Grandma Cox for!

Clara loves grabbing a hold of Ruby whenever she's within range. Ruby always talks to Clara about everything she's doing and always says, "It's okay baby Clara" if she's crying. I love seeing their friendship develop.

A few other things Clara's been doing:
  • Whenever she finds her feet, she has found the most amazingly entertaining things in the history of the world. I'd say her feet are her favorite toy at this point.
  • She LOVES eating food from a spoon. Peas, Squash, Carrots and Sweet Potatoes are her favorites so far, and she gets really excited and squeals whenever she sees me mixing a bowl of rice cereal. 
  • She rolls and scootches around by laying on her side then walking her feet in a circle.
  • She wants to be wherever all the action is and is very good at making it known if she isn't.
  • She hums a lot. If she's happy, she hums, while she's eating she hums and sometimes even when she's crying or complaining she's got her mouth closed and she's humming her complaints. Its cute and pitiful all at once.
  • She has been sleeping for 8-12 hours at night and eating every 4 during the day
  • She naps like a champ: 10-noon, 2-4 and a short one around 6:30 to get her through until bedtime.

I was looking back at the blog I wrote and the video I made when Ruby was 6 months old and I'm feeling all the same things. My arms have huge bruises from carrying Clara's infant seat and Clara spent most of Tuesday afternoon taking the long nap that follows a barrage of immunizations.

Clara Dawn is a blessing. I'm so thankful I get to be her Mama.

Ruby and the Polar Bears

We love our zoo - especially the Polar Bears!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Ruby got a trim, Ryan grew a beard

Ruby got her hair trimmed up last week. She loved wearing the cape and my friend Lindsey made her feel like they were in a fancy salon instead of in a kitchen. She even got braids to finish her look.

She was trying to check out her braids in the mirror but was sad she couldn't see the back of her head.
Ryan (and all the men who work with him in the Gastroenterology Department) are participating in "Novembeard" wherein they spend the month looking like this:
Week one of "Novembeard" completed.
His hairy face has not bothered his girls - so that's good news.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Thankful Turkey

Ruby and I made a special turkey for Ryan's desk at work. Over the course of a couple of weeks I asked Ruby to tell me things she was thankful for about her daddy. I wrote the best ones, exactly as she said them, on the turkey feathers so Ryan would get a good laugh at work.

Here are some of the things Ruby is thankful for about her daddy:
  • Ruby is thankful for... "The scoop in Daddy's coffee"
  • "I'm thankful for Daddy. What else are you thankful for?"
  • Ruby is thankful for... "Daddy going to the special special car wash."
  • "I'm thankful that Daddy buys at the store at night." 
  • "Are you thankful for Daddy used to sit in Baby Clara's Bumbo when he was born?"
  • "I'm thankful for HE GRILLS!" (mommy is thankful for this one too!)
  • "I'm thankful for Daddy and Daddy... and Daddy, Daddy, Daddy," etc., etc., etc.,
  • Ruby is thankful for... "Did Daddy tickle you?"
Clara is thankful for her Daddy too... she just tells him by drooling all over his shirt.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

What Else We've Been Up To

Collecting Fall Leaves at the Homestead Park

Dressing up as a Ballerina/Princess/Butterfly Girl and attending the Harvest Festival at our church with Ruby's friends "Hulk Hogan" and "Paul Bunyan"

It was great until Ruby's "Halloween Broke!" which is code for "Princess wand that mommy got at the "$1 spot" at Target broke in half".

But then we got this disguise out of the prize box and that made everything better.

And today we went to the zoo and the Polar Bears were diving off the cliffs into the water and jumping up to rub against the glass right by the kids. So fun! I love our zoo so much!
Clara was with us at all of the above events... but showing you picture after picture of her in her infant carrier seat in the stroller would probably be less than interesting. I'll post more pics of her soon! Poor 2nd child...

People Are Awesome!

Grand Rapids

The girls and I took a super quick trip up to Grand Rapids to visit Ryan's parents after our time in Granger a few weeks ago. It was so wonderful to spend time with them, and to see a few other familiar faces too!
Look how many kids Bree, Kim and I made so far!
My dear friend April who might be the best person on the planet to split a plate of chips and hummus with.
Hospital Buddies - My friend Michele was having Emerson right down the hall from me while I was having Clara! They're both getting so fun and interactive... I feel like they were just born! AHH!
Newborn Hospital Buddies.
I wish we had time during our quick trip to visit all of our friends in Michigan! I love and miss you all!