Monday, November 28, 2011

Sometimes I just need some space...

Would you believe my computer has run out of space? My external hard drive from 2007 is full too... so until I get a new hard drive so I can dump the rest of my pictures and videos off of my computer, I'm pretty much unable to post pictures of all the happenings around here lately. Apparently I take a lot of pictures and videos. The good news is that I just ordered a new external hard drive on Amazon, so in another day or two you can be totally bombarded by bloginess.

Until then, here's how people from Michigan show you where they live. I never knew this until I went to college in Michigan... but I was from Indiana then, so I would just hold my hand up and point below my wrist. Oh Michiganders. So silly.

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Bethany said...

So true. I'm also an Indiana girl who married a Michigan boy. I still just don't get it with the hand map. This tutorial is a little easier for me, though.
My hard drive is also out of room. That is funny that it happened to both of us at the same time.