Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Earthquake? For real?

We'll be adding another issue to the prayer list... that's right folks, as if this adventure could get any more interesting we just got another update from my Dad and last night there was an EARTHQUAKE! Can you even imagine!?!? I'm pretty sure I'm getting an ulcer just living vicariously through his emails!

Here's what just came through from my dad to my mom:

Last night was cold. Winds increased from 50 to 70 mph and the gusts shook the cabin. I wouldn't have thought much about the shaking (since I've grown accustomed to the fierce winds whipping across the Ugak Bay and hitting the cabin) but at 2:15 AM we had an earthquake!  Incredible. Who would have imagined anything else could happen...and then...RUMBLE...and earthquake!  Amazing. There was no damage, but we did wonder whether it was worse we kept an eye out for the waters of the bay to recede (indicating a tsunami was coming in). That's how it works; the waters all sweep out from the land...then the wall of water hits.  That didn't happen (as I figured it wouldn't) and everything is back to normal here: high winds and snow and cold.  It's life on Kodiak! :)   Honestly, I'm loving this experience. I'm HATING being away from you, but I'm loving this opportunity to see these sights, experience these harsh conditions and photograph these remarkable scenes.

I'm sure everyone is helped by a positive attitude. Some of the guys seem a bit negative about the whole thing, but I'm pulling hard for everyone to to "up and to the right" with their attitudes. We're here. We're not leaving until the planes can fly. I tell 'em to enjoy it and make memories they'll cherish for the decades ahead. So far, so good. Everyone is actually doing fine with it and Steve is positive too. He knows it's futile to get upset about things you can't change. I'm glad for his faith.
I've fallen in love with the wood stove. It's not very big, but it is AWESOME! I think I need one. Of course, that means I've got to build a little log cabin to put it in, but I think if we sell the house we'd have enough money to buy both: a wood stove and a little cabin to put it in!  :)        Kidding.....

I'm sure some of the guys in tent-camps on Kodiak are in real trouble now. We're fine, but I'll not be surprised to learn some of the guys in tents have hypothermia. Once that sets in, it's very bad. There's no way they can get warm again. They're out of food (we're not), they're out of fuel for their stoves (we're not) and they might be out of water (we're not...though our nearest streams are now frozen solid, but we have a bigger creek some distance away, so we just go there to fill our water buckets).  All in all, I'm in GREAT SHAPE and happy...except for missing you.
If I stay here for another 38 days I'll be able to apply for my license as an "Apprentice Guide" on Kodiak....not that I'm trying for that goal.  It's just a fun conversation we've been having around here. I tell everyone I'm in training.  I pitch-in and help with all the chores. Steve does too. Apparently, that doesn't happen very often because the Outfitter and our Guide both seem startled every time we jump up to help. I guess a lot of people expect to be served all the time....even in hunting camp.  Amazing. 

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Nessa said...

My goodness Amber, your dad must have an amazing spirit! Praying for his continued safety and quick return!