Thursday, November 17, 2011

Day 15 Update from Kodiak

Today is the 15th day my dad has been on Kodiak. They're 4 hours behind, so the email I am sharing this morning is from late in the evening yesterday. Assuming my dad sends an email today, I'll post another update this afternoon. Thanks for your continued prayers! We know God is in control and we're trusting Him!

Wed November 16th late evening email from Dad to Mom:

Doing well here. There's ZERO chance a plane could land here. The gusts hitting the cabin are 70 mph. No way a plane is coming in here. Not today; maybe tomorrow. :) 
Our stream is frozen, but the creek up the way isn't. No worries about that. It's not going to freeze; there's so much water rushing down the mountain side that I wouldn't be surprised if it doesn't freeze all winter. We've got water.

I thought of our kids today when we broke open a tube of liver sausage (they'd probably know it as Braunswager, but I'm not sure they like it all that much). I told everyone how special this was, and asked why we had hidden and saved such a delicacy for so long. It's about time we brought out the "good stuff.'  I showed 'em how to eat it with mustard. Now they are in love with liver sausage too.  :)

I've gotten some good pictures today. Despite the fierce winds, the sun has been shining all morning. It's beautiful with the snow blowing everywhere. (As soon as you get away from the shoreline, the snow is thigh deep. No kidding. Walking is quite arduous... but it's no problem. Anyway, I got a really good picture of a Sitka doe with the mountains in the background. Really remarkable because everything kind of came together for the shot: sun was great, mountains in the background, she didn't know I was there for a long she was looking around and not just at me, and I was here with my camera! I hope I'm not disappointed when I get the picture "blown up" on my computer screen...but it looks good on my little "review screen" on the back of my camera.  :)

I jumped on line when it was possible just to say that we learned it was 11 degrees below zero last night in Anchorage. That's not including wind chill. No wonder it feels cold here!  It actually is cold here!   Zow.

We're good. We're fine.


Ron Windbigler said...

This whole situation is amazing, praying for the guys and wishing them Gods blessings and protection throughout.

Heidi said...

Praying for everyone, Amber. So crazy! I'm so glad he has email!!!!