Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Chris Repelling down a Waterfall in the Underworld
We had a fantastic weekend with Ryan's brother Chris. He just got back from a semester in New Zealand (aka, making his way in the world) so this was the first time we've seen him since June!

Ruby had the time of her life with her Uncle Chris. They talked about all sorts of interesting things and he gave her a cute knit penguin that he bought her from the underworld. She named him "Maffey the Penguin". Last night she asked me to tuck Maffey in too... and to give Maffey a kiss too. She's never been like this with any other toys or dolls - I think she just loves it because it's from Uncle Chris.

Helping Uncle Chris make Coffee
Chris told stories of his travels and showed us a bunch of pictures. He shot everything with film, and will continue posting picture on his photography blog ( if you want to check it out.
Thanks for coming to visit us Chris! We loved having you here!

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