Sunday, December 4, 2011

Zoo Lights

I met my new friend Lindsey at Side by Side. Her boys Abram and Royce are the same ages as Ruby and Clara, so we have become wonderful friends over the last few months.
Our Zoo has a million billion lights up for Christmas, so we bundled up the kiddos and braved the chilly weather. Ruby LOVED the lights and music around the lake.

Here we are trying our best to wrangle 4 kids for a picture. Ha!

Now everywhere we drive when we see Christmas lights and decorations she gets all excited and says things like, "Ooooh!", "Aahhhhhh!" and "Beautiful!" She also screams "THIS IS FROM MY MUSIC BOX!!!" whenever she hears "We Wish You a Merry Christmas" ... on the radio in the car, walking at the mall, etc.

Ruby could not have been more excited that Ryan was home from work when we got home from the zoo. His girls love him so much!

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