Monday, March 30, 2009

One minor issue...

Yesterday Ryan and I found the most gloriously awesome, comfy, glidey, rockey chair for our nursery!

  • it's lime green, which is awesome
  • it's so comfy and squishy
  • it was the floor sample, and waaay on sale, so we bought it immediately, brought it home, got it through the front door and into the living room... where it sits right now.
One minor issue...

It won't fit down our hallway and into the nursery! That's right folks, the windows are too narrow, the door frames are too narrow, and yes, even the hallway is too narrow.

What do you think we should do?
  1. Leave it in the living room

  2. Attempt to return the "as-is floor sample" and try to find a smaller lime green comfy chair that happens to be on sale
  3. Saw it in half, take it to the nursery, duct tape it back together

  4. Other
If you choose "other" please leave me a comment with your suggestion.


Elizabeth Keim said...

Did you ever see the Friends episode where Ross couldn't get the couch up the staircase? "Pivot, Pivot, Pivot!!" I had visions of the two of you trying to get the chair into the nursery and laughed out loud. I have no solutions for you though :) Sorry!

andreabrown said...

LOL @ the pivot comment. Definitely an episode worth watching if you haven't seen it!

I would keep the chair in the living room, it's just too cute to return! And after all, rocking the baby to sleep isn't restricted just to his/her bedroom right? :)

Mo said...

Oh No. Tape measure...where were ya on that one?

I call and see if they'll let you return it. Furniture stores...even though their are rules about returning it, they'll probably let you. They make some rockers that the backs detach so you can take in two pieces.

Or if you like it down stairs keep it there : )

Nic said...


If I was in your situation here is what I would do. (Assuming it can't be returned)

1. Ask Jen if I can work my magic. Because the truth is it's her chair.

2. I'm the type of guy that likes to tinker with things and try to fix it. I would flip that chair over and look to see if I could dissassemble the back from the base.

3. Most times I acheive my goal...However there is also the very real possibility that the chair would never be the same again.

4. If you choose to start taking apart. Make very clear notes maybe even diagrams. It helps later on. I don't do it but sometimes I wish I would have

Good luck

Nic and Jen said...

i love that my husband just left you those instructions... he's totally hilarious.

as far as your problem goes, however, i think you should leave it where it is and build a new house around it so you don't have to move it at all ;)

good luck!

amberWIRE said...

So far I like Jen's plan of leaving it where it is and building a hous around it.

Mindy said...

if it was a great deal, you really can't go wrong! but, if you can safely take it apart and put it in the nursery, that would be my vote. if it's not possible, you'll really like being able to rock the baby in a comfy chair without always sitting in the nursery (alone. although sometimes that is nice). what a dilemma! you should have your own TV show.

Matthew & Kate said...

Leave it in the LR, and move all the LR stuff into the baby's room, and turn the then-former LR into a nursery. It's so simple!

Welshmnky said...

chairs like that are pretty easy to take a part, there's usually just 2 bolts at the bottom of the back that you/husband can remove to pop that off, then it should be easy to move. My grandparents used to have an upholstery business when I was little... I'm familiar with chairs :-)

Karissa said...

If you can't disassemble it, I vote for keeping it in the living room. I usually used the rocking chair in Lillian's room at night when she was a baby, but typically fed her in other locations during the day. Good luck!

Amanda said...

As the mother of four, my advice is to leave it in the living room. You are going to spend a lot of time in that chair, especially if you are nursing. I mean years!

J Aquila said...

Have you all seriously given up on the magic of duct tape?

And you call yourselves Americans!

I say disassemble and reassemble in the nursery.

If Ryan is anything like me (ps - I know he's not), having a piece of furniture not in it's assigned place would drive me bonkers. Especially if I could not return it, due to floor model / all sales final "rules".

I'm already getting frustrated for you.

Chris said...

Give it to me. I'll put in the house at Hope next year, and all of the guys can rock the little one to sleep. think of it more of a second home. With seven Dads.

amberWIRE said...

Chris, I can't wait for our baby to meet it's 7 uncles from Hope...

donna said...