Friday, March 24, 2006

A Quick Re-Cap

Ryan is my Handsome Hubby.
Here we are...enjoying the Spring.

When we moved to Chicago, we heard that our church in the city was going to take a trip to the Apple Orchard! We were pumped, so we signed up immediately, not knowing where an apple orchard could be in Chicago. In Michigan and Indiana apple orchards are expansive and glorious havens for apple cider, donuts, and the occasional bumble bee. When we pulled into the parking lot of the Chicago orchard we couldn't help but laugh. It was literally 6 rows of skragly trees, none of which had a good selection. The picture reflects how many good apples we could find. The only problem was that the orchard had a 10 pound minimum...meaning we were paying for 10 lbs whether we could find that many good apples or not.

We did buy some honey, which is currently stuck in my cupboard. Honey can be like glue you know.

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