Friday, March 31, 2006

Canteen Exhaustion

I am exhausted! I just spent the entire morning and afternoon feeding meals out of a Salvation Army Emergency Disaster Services canteen. The city asked us to respond on the South Side because there are peace rallies going on on the streets where two young girls had been shot and killed in the last couple of weeks.

I was there today. Asking if anyone wanted some beef stew.


Sara said...

Hi Amber! It´s Sara Fisel..I read Katies blog and well, I saw your name! How are you? Lynda was just here visiting me in Spain and she says hello. She´s getting married June 2007. Anywho, just thought I´d say hi! The link to my blog is on Katies pg. XO Sara

Anonymous said...

Amazing the impact some food can make. Well done Amber. These "cup of cold water" efforts matter more than you can imagine. I'm proud of you.
- Mark Beeson

Anonymous said...

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