Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Ceramic Molds

You know what is amazing? First of all, Craig's List is amazing. Most big cities have Craig's List - where people can search for all sorts of things - Its GREAT!

This morning, I posted a simple note on Craig's List "Hundreds of CERAMIC MOLDS - FREE!!" and within 5 minutes my phone started ringing. Eight people have called me and 5 have emailed about the molds in the last 2 hours. What I have learned is that Craig's List works like a charm!

A couple of days ago, some semi-trucks pulled up with a donation of thousands of ceramic molds for The Salvation Army. Unfortunately, we don't have a kiln...or any other ceramic-type equipment, so we have been looking for someone to give these molds to. I called tons of schools...but had trouble connecting with the right people because all Art Teachers seem to be on Spring Break right now. So, I decided to post on Craig's List.

Yippee! Two more email just popped up! I gotta get rid of these molds!


Anonymous said...

Momo here, Hi, great to talk with you today! I'll see if I can make this work, hehehe...Your story about our ski trip was too funny! Our long trip through the woods ending on the street will go down in Cox Ski History! Love U, MOMO

Michelle said...

So are the molds all gone yet??? Because I've really been needing 300 tulip molds.... I hope you have enough left...

amberWIRE said...

Please, come with a van and load up the pile of tulip molds that I saved for you :o)

We only have about a thousand left.