Friday, March 24, 2006

Florida Anyone?

My family is HILARIOUS! Currently, all three of us kids are trying to figure out a way to get off of work, without any vacation days, to go to Florida for 3 days with Dad. he just called us up (except for Angela, he chased her down in a parking lot) to ask if we want to go. Spontaneous fun. Thats what we do in our family.

The goal: Do not lose your job
The other goal: Do not encourage your siblings to lose their jobs...eventhough you want them to go to Florida too.

It is highly likely that none of us will be able to go.
Mostly just fun to think about.

This is my family:

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katie holt said...

you guys crack me up! i wish i could go to florida. i think that you should all try to come to southern california. i happen to know a couple people there. :o) (come visit me!)