Tuesday, October 6, 2009

this blew my mind!

The craziest part is that they're all deaf! Yes, you read correctly - all 21 of the dancers are deaf-mutes, relying on signals from trainers at the four corners of the stage!


Aaron said...

Wow that is a cool video.

erica said...

Hi Amber.
This is entirely random. And will probably be a long comment. :) My name is Erica Simpson (used to be Wilson) and I was one of your campers at Camp Adventure like a million years ago. You went to Hope, (i have a pic of us from camp with you wearing a Hope shirt haha) and years later I went to Hope!! I gave my heart to Christ at Camp Adventure, so that place will always be special to me. My friend goes to GCC, so then I found your dad's blog from their website and ended up on YOURS from a link on his! :) And then, now that I see you have a BEAUTIFUL girl, I had to read more and see what you have been up to...long story short, I live in Muskegon with my HUSBAND Jeremy Simpson (who did a lot with worship at Hope, you might know him?!) and we are now (more than likely) going to be moving to Grand Rapids. What church do you go to? Just out of curiosity.... Anyways, you might not remember me, but I certainly remember you! I believe the guy counselor that was with you was named Zach? Possibly? Dark hair?!
My e-mail is erica.simpson1@gmail.com and I would love to hear back from you! :)
blessings, erica

donna said...