Friday, October 30, 2009

The Good with the Bad

Last night was a crazy night... Ruby has been waking up at night for a week - I don't know if she's growing or if I've created a bad habit, but she has been eating twice a night and seems to still be hungry in the morning. This has been the most sleepless week of my life since Ruby was 8 weeks old. She had two great months of sleeping 7-10 hours at night, then BAM - this week happened.

Today, however, is a good day. To make up for last night Ruby has been nothing but cooperative in every way. She is currently playing in her room by herself, squealing, hiccuping, and generally enjoying the sight of her own feet and the sound of her own voice. Her demeanor today has given me time to work out, pack, clean and do a couple loads of laundry. Thank you dear child!
We introduced Rice Cereal on Monday, and Ruby has been steadily gaining skill in the "using a spoon" category. Today was the most successful yet - she nailed about 1/4 cup of cereal and apparently loved every minute of it. When I wipe her face off she sticks her tongue out. The thought of the taste of paper towel makes me gag, but she doesn't seem to mind it.

To top it off, we get to see Bryan and Michelle and our friends Aaron and Ashlee this weekend! It's always fun to visit our old stomin' grounds in Chicago.


heather said...

Oh no! Hang in there. It's the worst when they have been doing so well for so long and then bam - you have to get up again at night! Hopefully it's just a phase - Z had a few of those. It's great htat she's making up for it today :) have a fun weekend!

Nic said...

Amber, We went through this phase a lot and we always were asking the same question. Did we start a bad habit? Then we would come to the realization that it was probably a growth spurt. We would have a bout a week of him waking up at night and then as fast as it came on he would sleep through the night again.

God bless the growth spurt by why does it happen in the middle of the night!?!