Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Scut Monkeys - The Final Game

The Scut Monkeys were brutally defeated during tonights single-elimination tournament. The team they played hit 4 home runs over the fence... we are going to petition that they move up to the next league level next year!
We bundled Ruby up in a little knit number that Ryan wore when he was a baby. She enjoyed watching her dad and her Nana and Grandpa Cox had fun with her in the stands.
Ryan was on call and happened to get paged during the 4th inning, that's what happens when you're a team full of doctors. He returned the page, took care of things, then got back out there for the finish.
It was an incredible season... that just kept going and going. Next year the competition better look out! Residents have a lot of free time for softball practice... (yeah right).

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