Friday, October 9, 2009

Everything (except for her hair) is growing so fast!

Everyone told me she would grow really fast... but WOAH! 4 months have flown by! We've been having so much fun now that Ruby can "play" and interact more with us. She loves to sit up (not by herself yet) so she can see everything going on. She is very much a part of the action and her personality seems to be quite extroverted at this point.
We went to "Baby Time" at the library and Ruby laughed and smiled pretty much the whole time. It was fun to learn some rhymes and songs that babies her age enjoy. There were 5 other parents there too, so I might make some new friends in the process. BONUS!
This is the newest Ruby toy - the doorway jumper. I took some video of her in it, but she barely moves at all in it so the still pic is just as fun at this point.

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McElroy Family Happenings said...

I think she looks so much like you, Amber. Do other people say that? I can see you and your dad in her sweet little face.