Monday, October 12, 2009

Open Water

It's COLD in Michigan, but that didn't stop Ryan and I from taking Ruby downtown to see ArtPrize this weekend. We bundled her up in this snazzy infant seat cover that's pretty much like a coat for her entire seat. We zip it up and she just sits in there being warm with her little face sticking out... makes me kinda wish I had a seat like that to sit in.
ArtPrize was a really significant event in Grand Rapids this year. 1262 Artists from all over the world created pieces that have been on display in the city for the last few weeks. Over 37,000 people registered to vote and businesses in the area have been booming. I'm pretty sure ArtPrize boosted our economy quite a bit.

We stopped by a local coffee shop to do our part to help out the community. Check out the cool artsy flower they put on the top of my hot chocolate!
The winning exhibit for ArtPrize was a painting called "Open Water" that really looks like a photograph. Saturday was the last chance to see it, and the line was wrapped around three sides of the federal building. We stood in line for almost an hour, but it was well worth it!
When you see it you literally feel like you're standing next to a tumultuous ocean. It was incredible! The guy who painted it, the winner of ArtPrize, won $250,000. He was a "starving artist" and whipped this painting up a couple of weeks before the submission deadline. I'm glad he won. You can read more about him HERE.

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