Thursday, October 29, 2009

Leaves, Leaves and more Leaves

Ryan worked hard all day yesterday, then came home and worked some more. He spent hours raking and mowing the yard... unfortunately, this is the view of our yard today.
I have a feeling Ryan's not gonna like what he sees!
How many leaves can fall overnight?
Apparently A LOT!!


McElroy Family Happenings said...

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. It's 80 degrees with 100% humidity today here in Houston. But a big rain is coming through as I type this bringing cool temps for tomorrow. (Why do I always feel the need to fill you in our Houston weather?)

Ruby is a total doll. She looks pretty in her purple shirt and bow. Cutie patootie for sure!

Becky Hunter said...

Guess what I BOUGHT yesterday to put on our table under the centerpiece...fake fall leaves!! Yes, Florida "fall" drives one to such silliness. On another note, Ruby gives cute a whole new level of meaning!

Tracy said...

I'm sure it's frustrating for you all, but it's beautiful! Love you guys!