Thursday, April 16, 2009

Wild Men

Great news! Will Ferrell is going to be a guest-star on Man vs. Wild in June! I'm thinking this is not one I want to miss!!

In the "Man vs. Wild" episode, Will Ferrell joins Bear Grylls in the far north of Sweden, where they spend 48 hours performing tasks such as rappelling down hundred-foot frozen waterfalls, tandem-abseiling off a helicopter and staying warm overnight in subzero temperatures.

The two also find food in the forest, improvise snow shoes and drink their own urine.

"Will did an amazing job in subzero, very unforgiving conditions," Grylls said. "He trusted me when it mattered, and we survived. ... He should be very proud of how he performed."

Ferrell called the stint on "Man vs. Wild" "a thrill of a lifetime, even though I did get urine-drunk, which is sad."

Discovery Channel prexy-general manager John Ford noted that the duo not only share a snow shelter but eat reindeer eyeballs together.

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