Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Summit Church Beach Baptism

We've been having a blast since we landed. Aunt Becky picked up Ryan and I at the airport on Sunday afternoon and the three of us headed out to the beach for Summit Church beach baptism. My cousin Isaac is the pastor - and he has an INCEDIBLE church. Aaron and Tracy are both on staff there - and it was so fun for me to get to see Aaron in action, serving Jesus and serving the people at Summit. Aaron pretty much coordinated the whole event - almost 1,000 people attended, 84 were baptised and Ryan and I got to be there to celebrate with them.

We love seeing all the Hunters. Isaac and Rhonda and their kids Jada, Ella and Lincoln. Josh and Lisa and their kids Noah and Ava, Joel and Lizzy were there and of course Aunt Becky. We all sat in lawn chairs listening to Isaac preach as the sun came down.

What a great start to our vacation! Here's a picture of My cousin Joel telling Ryan and I stories about opthalmology. If you ever need Lasik, Joel's your man.

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