Friday, April 17, 2009

Happy Birthday John Boy!!

Dear John,
I thought you were really great back in the day when you were one of Aaron's best buds. Then you fell in love with Angela, and I thought you were really really great. You've always been like a brother - and for the last 5 years you've actually been a brother and I think you're getting greater and greater!
Happy Birthday - I'm so glad you were born!


Mo said...

john is great. i'm sure he's been a good addition to the fam : )

Anonymous said...

Ha... Those are great pictures!! your so nice Amber! John was loving it when I showed it to him when I got home from work. Love ya!Thanks for being a great older sister to us both!! Love ya!

Anonymous said...
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Becky Hunter said...

Happy Birthday John! Uncle Hunter and I are very much looking forward to seeing you, Angela and the rest of the family next week! Blessings on your new year of life!