Friday, April 17, 2009

A Walk In My Shoes

Apparently bit-by-bit without realizing it I have been altering the way that I walk as I grow closer to delivery. In the last weeks of pregnancy some ladies waddle, some arch their back a lot, some stop walking all together. To deal with the front load that I bear I have begun swinging my arms much more than is reasonable for a normal human.

Since Ryan is my husband, sometimes he looks at me. He was watching TV and I was standing in the living room putting lotion on my stretching skin. I didn't realize he was looking at me until he said "Why are you standing like that? Stop squeezing your butt cheeks together so hard!"

I said - I'm not squeezing my butt cheeks together...then I looked back and realized "wait...maybe I AM!! Weird! I didn't even notice!"

That's when I realized that perhaps the reason I've been swinging my arms so hard is because I've been trying to balance by squeezing my butt cheeks together which makes walking forward very difficult. The problems are compounding and making me walk like I have serious problems!

Go ahead and try it yourself. Squeeze your butt cheeks together really hard - now try to take a step forward.
...not so easy, is it!


katie holt said...

this is the highlight of my day so far. :) thanks for that! :)

Mo said...

BBBBBBBBBahahahaha! You crack me up :)

Matthew & Kate said...

PLEASE post a video of your butt-clenchy walk! I am a major waddler when I am "great with child." Embarrassing, I know. I totally understand the compensating-so-you-can-stand/walk/sit phenomenon that occurs in the latter weeks of pregnancy!