Monday, September 19, 2011

We're home from the Beeson Family Vacation!

Ryan, the girls and I just got home last night from a week in the Smoky Mountains with the Beeson Family! We had an absolutely incredible time with my Mom and Dad, with Aaron and Tracy (who came up from Florida) and with John, Angela and Lydia. Ruby LOVES her cousin Lydia so much. They were so cute running around all week holding hands and playing together.

We hiked A LOT... and got some strong leg muscles carrying our offspring in various backpacks and front carriers. Remind me to bring a donkey next time we go on a hiking vacation with babies. What does it cost to rent a beast of burden these days?

This is pretty much what today has looked like so far. We'll call it the "recovery" phase of returning home. Pretty much I'll be doing laundry, unpacking, getting the girls back on a normal schedule... and of course, going through our pictures and picking out a few to post on the blog.

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