Friday, September 30, 2011

Clara is almost 5 months old!

Our sweet Clara girl is a week away from being 5-months old! She's growing so fast and bringing more joy to our lives with each passing day.

Here's what she's been up to lately:
  • Cutting some teeth... lot's of drooling and gnawing on anything that comes within 6 inches of her. 
  • Blowing raspberries all the time. literally. non. stop. raspberries.
  • Waking up in the morning with happy babbling and cooing. She's even working some consonants in, which is very exciting. She's got some "d"s and "g"s going.
  • Hanging out in the exersaucer and even "sitting" with us during dinner on the table in her bumbo seat.
  • Watching every move Ruby makes and laughing/smiling whenever Ruby talks to her or plays with her.
  • Soon she'll be eating Rice Cereal! CRAZY!
Its so strange to daily flashback to when Ruby was 5 months old, wearing all the jammies and clothes that Clara is wearing now. I love my girls. We a blessed.


April Gann said...

Oh, she's SO pretty, Amber! I love her from afar!

Sara said...

Hi Amber, I miss our chats! How is being a mom of two going? I can´t believe she´s 5 mths already..crazy! Time flies for sure! Just thinking of you and wanted to say Hi and your girls are adorable. XO

Sara said...

I was also going to tell you, I just think it´s so neat all of the things you do with your family and Ryan´s family. It seems like you guys are always on a really fun adventure and really enjoying life. :)

Mo said...

Not only is Clara 5 months old...Clara is ADORABLE!!!