Friday, September 23, 2011

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Happy Birthday Dad. Thanks for living each day with integrity and honor, for loving Jesus and leading all of us closer to Him, for loving mom extravagantly and for being an amazing father to Aaron, Angela and I. I'm so glad you're my dad, and so thankful Ruby and Clara have you as their grandpa!

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Becky Hunter said...

I sang happy birthday to your Dad, but the 1,000-plus miles between us likely made it difficult for him to hear me--so I have no idea how he knew the right time to blow out the candles. He is a blessed man to have you, Aaron, Angela and your families in his life. And add your mom to that blessing and wow--God loves your Dad!!!! Keep up the awesome blogging, Amber! So fun to see you" living life to the fullest" and thanks for "inviting [us] along for the ride!"