Thursday, May 5, 2011

Ryan's Parents Are Awesome.

When I'm with Ryan's parents I'm reminded of the prayers I prayed throughout the childhood of each of my kids. I used to go into their rooms, rest my hand on their sleeping heads, and pray God's blessing on their lives. I often prayed for their spouses "wherever they were." I prayed their future spouses would receive the training, faith and blessing from their parents that would prepare them for a great life with my children. I prayed their parents would raise them well.

Little did I know it at the time, but Ryan's parents were a significant and marvelous answer to my prayers for Amber. They raised Ryan to love Jesus, love family, live with integrity and work hard. Ryan is a great man, in no small measure, because of his parents: Ted and Deb.

How thankful I am for the influence Ted and Deb had on their son. The "good" they poured into him is now overflowing in my daughter's life, and the lives of my grand-daughters.

Clara and Ruby have been blessed, generation to generation.

- Mark Beeson / Guest Blogger

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