Friday, May 27, 2011

Friends, friends and more friends!

I had the opportunity to spend the last 2 days visiting my parents and hanging out with my sister and some dear friends. Angela and Lydia get to hang out with Brooke and Jada pretty often, so it was a blast when Ruby, Clara and I could hang out too! I love you Angela, and I love you Brookie!

Ruby, Lydia enjoyed some time eating snacks on the porch... this picture must have been taken before the snacks arrived.

Later on, my oldest friend (we've been friends since 1985 when we were both in kindergarten) Katie came over to meet Clara Dawn. I love that Katie is in my life after all of these years. She is incredible. I love you Katie.

Then, my friend Sandy, who had her first baby just one week before Clara was born, came over for a visit. Clara and Jesse hung out, they had a great time.

There is something really special about going through multiple life stages with the same friends. Sandy and I lived together in college and pretty much immediately realized we were destined to be life-long friends. Seeing her as a mom is so cool. I love you Sandy!

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