Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Clara is 6 days old already!

Clara's first day home from the hospital was craziness...  Ruby was crazy, Clara was crazy and Ryan and I were concerned that we were going to go crazy too.

On her 2nd day home, the absolute mayhem subsided and Clara has truly been a dream baby ever since. She is sleeping in 5-hour stretches at night and eating every 3 hours all day long. Feeding an infant pretty much is a full time job - but she is doing so great and seems to be adapting well to the Baby Wise schedule that we have her on. We did Baby Wise with Ruby too. Have I mentioned that Baby Wise has revolutionized my life? I could not recommend it more highly.

My incredible Mom has been here since Monday helping to entertain Ruby and hold Clara while I figure out how to spend quality time with both of my girls

Ruby loves Clara. She has been so sweet and gentle with her. The first thing she says each morning is "Want to go see baby Clara?" I can't blame her - Clara is such a tiny squishy cutie button.

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Mark Beeson said...

Absolutely wonderful! Thank you for this post.