Monday, February 21, 2011

On Flooding

Came home from playgroup this morning and heard the sound of a running faucet in the basement. When I went down there I discovered our first flood when my sock sunk into a completely sogged carpet at the bottom of the stairs.
Yep, the water heater release pipe was pouring water and in the matter of an hour or two 500 square feet of basement was soaked. Not more than an inch in most places, but enough to get to the carpet and some of the drywall.
While holding a bucket under the "faucet" immediately called Ryan's dad to see what I should do. he was telling me all about these levers that I should turn off and so on and so forth, and being the plumbing genius that I am, I couldn't locate the correct lever... so he came over to see what he could do to help.
He is brilliant and quickly got the water slowed to a serious drip while I called our landlord who called a plumber. After a few hours of soaking up the water and having 3 professionals and 2 semi-professionals in and out of the house it seems that we have the problem solved.

The water heater is fixed, the water-suckerupper, carpet-drying people are coming out any minute., Ruby just woke up from her afternoon nap and Ryan should be home from work soon. WHEW!

It's times like this that make me SO THANKFUL to be a renter instead of a home-owner... and so thankful that this happened today instead of a couple of days ago since we were out of town all weekend!

How was your afternoon?

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Mark Beeson said...

What a mess. You did a great job averting a real crisis...with your stuff all soaked. Good thing you could call Ryan's dad. He's awesome!
Glad you've got everything under control. Ryan will be happy. :-)