Thursday, February 10, 2011

20 Months Old

Today my baby is 20 months old! I can't believe how fast time is flying. My friend Mindy took some pictures a couple of weeks ago and I thought I would share a few of my favorites with you. To see the rest, click HERE to view the slideshow. You may have to enter password: ruby19
Here are some of the fun things Ruby has been doing lately.
  • When we read her Children's Bible she says "Hi Jesus" whenever she sees a picture of any man in a robe... including Noah, Joseph, Goliath, etc.
  • She calls her doll "Baby Dawn" which is hilarious because I call Ruby "Ruby Dawn" all the time.
    • She knows how to ask for things... "more oranges" "JELLO! More Jello?" and "Paci, want it."
    • The city took more than 4 weeks to pick up our dead Christmas Tree off the curb, so whenever Ruby looked out the window and saw it laying on it's side she got a very concerned look on her face and said, "Tree fall off?" over and over.
    • At night on her way to bed she says "bye bye" to everything she can think of. "Bye bye chair." "Bye bye fan" Bye lights... bye stroller..." etc.
    • Her favorite things to eat are hot dogs, any kind of fruit, go-gurt, avocados, toast, fruit snacks, quesadillas, animal crackers, lemonade and vitamins.
    • She likes to be upside down, but says it with an extra syllable. "Up-a-side-down"
    • She loves Dr. Suess books - especially "Hop on Pop" and "One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish"
    • When we ask her if she would like to take a nap, she always says "No... okay" and tilts her head to the side while she walks toward her room.
    • Apparently her daddy's perfectionist/OCPD tendencies got passed down. If she sees a thread on her sock, she says "uh-oh" over and over and fixates on the problem until I cut off the thread. She also does this when she sees a scratch on the furniture or if she finds something like one of my hairs on the floor in the house. Needless to say, she keeps things clean, which is nice.
    • She puts couples together. If we say, "Tracy and..." she'll answer "Aaron!". She can do this with John and Angela, Kyle and Sarah, Mama and Dadda, Papa and Grammie, and Nana and Papa.
    • She knows she is going to have a baby sister, but I don't think she knows what that means. When anyone asks "Are you going to have a baby sister?" she says "YEAH!!" really enthusiastically.
    • No matter what part of her body is hurt, she holds out her finger and asks you to "kiss it"
    • One of her all-time favorite things (other than taking a bath) is being with other kids. When we go to church she says "see the kids?" on the way there. She loves her friends and wants to play with them every chance she gets. Some of her favorite friends are Hudson, Madelyn, Cash, Parker, Luke and Langley.
    Ruby Dawn,
    You are such a blessing, so fun to be around and you're going to be an incredible big sister! These have been 20 of the best months of our life. We're so thankful for your sparkly spirit and that we get to be your parents.
    Mama and Daddy.


    April Gann said...

    Ruby has awesome eyes to match her dazzling personality. Great pictures! And I love the description, Amber- so fun and sweet!

    Anonymous said...

    Oh my goodness, what adorable pictures! I can't believe how much she looks like a little lady, so cute!

    Rebekah Wallace said...

    She is so cute Amber! Next time I see you, lets bring Ruby along so I can see her in person again :)

    Sandy McDonough said...

    I LOVE this! Ruby is the most hilarious little girl. You guys are such great parents. Love you:)

    Sara said...

    love her! i love her dorothy wizard of oz shoes too! :) holy cow your pregnancy IS going fast! That´s awesome!!!

    Anonymous said...

    Every girl needs a pair of "Ruby" slippers! Just precious!

    Mo said...

    She is so presh! Colt also calls all the guys in the bible Jesus too. Except for Goliath, he calls him 'headbonk' because he gets bonked in the head with a rock. We're getting there...