Thursday, February 10, 2011

3 months to go... 91 days to be exact

In 91 days we'll be a family of 4!

The time is flying by and feeling baby girl swirl around inside of me makes me all the more excited to welcome her into the world. She is a little more than 2 lbs and is around 14.5 inches long from head to toe. Baby Center says she is as hefty as a head of cauliflower... which is a weird thing to compare her to.

I sleep on my side these days, and she stands on the bed and pushes her head against the top inside of my stomach. She is just as movey-aroundey as I remember Ruby being at 27 weeks, but this active little girl seems to be more swirly. She turns over and spins around in circles all the time. Ruby did more punching and kicking.

Ruby pats my tummy and says "mommy tummy" and looks at me like something might be wrong - she obviously is aware that it seems to be growing since she has more and more trouble sitting on my lap when I read her books.
I've been terrible about documenting my belly this time around, but my friend Mindy took this picture of Ruby and I about a week and a half ago - so you can kinda see that my belly is currently taking over our life.

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Jen said...

aw how cute are you guys!? i love that b&w picture of you and ruby. totally adorable.

i wish i had three more months to go!