Wednesday, February 23, 2011


We spent the weekend visiting our great friends in our old stompin' grounds. Bryan and Michelle let us sleep on their futon and let Ruby play with their 6-month old Elliot. Ruby might be in love with him. She's been talking about "Eyyiot" since we left. It's still funny to me that our friends have so many babies... pretty much whenever we get together there is another baby in the mix. Next time the new one will be mine. haha.

Ryan, Bryan, Aaron and all the dogs went for a run Saturday morning. This is one tradition that happens every time we visit.
Saturday was cold but sunny, so we decided to spend a couple of hours at Brookfield Zoo. Lucky for us, it was a free day... or "Freeze Day" as they called it. Aaron, Ashlee and their girls Hannah and Mara came along for the fun.
My favorite part was this huge polar bear sunning himself on the cliff.
Ruby liked the monkeys and the fish the best.
Saturday night we all went out for pizza in LaGrange. I've never been to a dinner where the kids outnumber the parents, but it went well and was a fun ending to our night. Awesome weekend with awesome friends!

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Sandy McDonough said...

Okay I guess Ruby can be in love with Elliot as long as baby #2 is still going to be best friends and/or lovers with baby McDonough:)