Monday, December 20, 2010

Reunion in Cadillac

We jetted up to Cadillac yesterday to spend a short but sweet afternoon/evening with some of our college friends. Last year at this get-together there were 3 babies present. Then at dinner, Luke and Lindsay announced they were going to have another baby... then 1 minute later Bryant and Becky announced the same thing! Hudson and Emmi joined the ranks this year, and by next year at this time there will be another baby Schraw and another baby Cox. Apparently we are a prolific bunch. Basically, our plan is to keep Hope College in business during the years of 2026 - 20??
The boys did some laughing and some cross country skiing.
The girls left the babies with the sitters, did some Christmas shopping and hung out with Santa.
One of my favorite things about this trip was seeing Isla and Ruby play together. Isla was so sweet, leading Ruby around her room, showing her toys and sharing her cereal snacks. Ruby saw that Isla has some stickers on her ears that looked like earrings - she immediately wanted some too!
So fun to see you guys! We love you!


Mark Beeson said...

You are such a good photographer! These pictures are GREAT! :-)

amberWIRE said...

Thanks Dad! I've discovered that the "kids and pets" setting on my camera does quite well in most circumstances. haha

Anonymous said...

Loved seeing you guys! Isla has decided that your family picture should not remain with the other Christmas pictures, but should be hanging on the refrigerator at her eye-level. She loves to point you all out and say, "Ruby...Ryan...and Hamber"!!