Friday, December 17, 2010

Mark and Heidi

My dear friends Mark and Heidi are moving at the end of this year (in a couple of weeks). A group of us went out last night to celebrate friendship and send Mark and Heidi off on their new adventure knowing how incredibly loved they are. Here we are in our "family" Christmas card photo.
Heidi is one of those friends that I became friends with really fast - and we have heaps of mutual friends that we didn't realize we had until our facebook profiles revealed them. Anyway, I will miss Heidi so so much - so I am really thankful that she is such a phenomenal blogger so I can keep up with her after they move. (this is the part where you pretend Michael W. Smith "Friends are Friends Forever" just started playing).
In other news, because I am a dork and I love the blogosphere, I think it's really fun that every single person we hung out with last night has a blog! That doesn't happen very often!
Such a fun night out with Heidi, Kim, Breanne, Allison and Meredith!
Mommy Bloggers Unite!

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