Wednesday, December 15, 2010

On Celebration

Remember that huge national board exam I told you about back in October? Well, Ryan got his scores on Monday and he passed with flying colors! We could not be more excited that he is officially a board certified pediatrician!!

So, of course, we went out to dinner to celebrate - but it didn't quite work out like we planned. Basically, our server girl didn't really understand the urgency in my request when we got there and I asked for some crackers to hold Ruby off until her food came. I truly believe if those crackers had ever come, our evening would not have been ruined by our offspring.

Ruby was so bad that we actually had to ask for our food to be packed in to-go boxes before it even came out and we had to leave the restaurant! It was incredible. I can't even explain the height of my blood pressure as we walked out!

I got home, put Ruby to bed early and tore through a couple of books on "mothering" to help me figure out everything I am doing wrong... then I realized I should probably just bring Ruby's crackers with me next time we go out to eat.

Anyway, we rescheduled our "date night" for yesterday without our child and ended up having a wonderful time together, talking about life and eating at one of our favorite (not very kid-friendly) restaurants that we have only been to a couple of times since Ruby was born. It was wonderful.

It made us realize we need to work harder at having a regular date night... especially for the rest of our time in Grand Rapids before this baby is born and we move and Ryan starts fellowship!

Since I like to include pictures when I blog, here are a couple of shots from Ryan's pediatric department Christmas party over the weekend. Ryan's raffle ticket won the first door prize.
His co-chief Ajay and three other attending physicians have a band - so they entertained us for the evening. The best part was that they were actually really good!


Mark Beeson said...

You are the best "MOM" ever! Good job on the plan you've developed to BYOC (Bring Your Own Crackers).

Sarah said...

I am sure every parent of a toddler has a "leave the restaurant" story!

Awesome job Ryan! I can't tell you how much I like having someone so smart and trustworthy to call about Jamus' injuries!