Wednesday, December 1, 2010

First Snow of 2010

This morning was the first time Ruby has ever played in the snow. She was out last winter when we cut down our Christmas Tree, but she was too little to enjoy what was going on.
When she woke up we looked out the window and she was in awe, so I bundled her up in her snowsuit, boots and gloves and took her outside to play. I think she liked it!
Here's a video, so you can feel like you were out there playing with us this morning.


Mo said...

That was adorable! When she fell down in the house reminded me of Colt last Winter...We got him a huge puffy coat and he couldn't stand up without falling over. Then when he tried to walk, he got a few steps in, the fell over. I cried it was so hillarious. Good times :)

Anonymous said...

Abaolutely adorable. She is just awesome. Love the music you added.