Sunday, December 20, 2009

Random Reunion in Cadillac

We spent today up in Cadillac with some of our friends from Hope. Bryant and Becky drove in from Baltimore, Joel and Sarah (and baby Jamus) drove down from Boyne and we all met Luke and Lindsay in the middle! Ryan lived with Joel, Luke and Bryant throughout college and all those guys happened to marry Hope girls, many of us also lived together and knew each other from college... which makes our reunions very fun! We decided that all of our babies are destined to go to Hope College as well - and of course, they will marry each other and the circle of life will continue for many generations.

Ruby is just getting old enough to play - and Isla is a pile of fun. Even when there were huge plastic carrots to play with, the mail was the favorite toy of the day.

We so enjoy the random days when people are in town for the holidays and happen to find a time for a get-together. It's one of our favorite things about living in West Michigan. So many college friends either live in the area or have family in the area, so our town becomes a central meeting point. We only had 6 hours together today, but those 6 hours were full of laughter, stories and some delicious Mexican food (thank you Luke!) We love you guys! Can't wait for our next random reunion!


Sarah said...

We love you too! :) Love the pic of the guys all laughing.

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