Friday, May 21, 2010

Its Friday

It's Friday...
  • In 12 days Ryan finds out where he matched for Fellowship! I'm so excited. Match Day is June 2!!
  • Ryan's mom is taking me to see Beth Moore tonight! That was her gift to me for my first Mother's Day. I can't wait! So fun!
  • I love summer weather. love love love it.
  • Ruby disobeyed me this week for the first time. She has been dropping her food off the side of her highchair tray then looking at me. So that's something new to figure out how to deal with. She used to pull her hand back when I would say no, but now she drops the food anyway.
  • Can Verizon get the iPhone soon... please?
  • In other news, my brother Aaron and my cousin Josh fished the flats this morning and caught these beauts! Doesn't this picture make you want to go fishing?


Matthew & Kate said...

Try saying, "UH-Oh!" when she begins to do the naughty things...It worked for YEARS on Lilly. I think they grow immune to "no" very quickly. Uh-oh seems to startle them just a bit.

Mo said...

when u figure the throwing thing out let me know. we've been dealing with it going on 8 months strong. i just think he really likes to throw. i've tried every method under the sun and what keeps my sanity is removing him from his high chair when he starts to throw. im hoping one day this phase ends.