Thursday, March 25, 2010

What I haven't been blogging about...

Ryan is in the middle of the interview season for fellowship! He decided on Pediatric Gastroenterology (Peds GI), and we will spend 3 years "somewhere" for him to get the specialty training he needs. I've been able to go along to support him on a couple of interviews so far and look forward to spending more time in the car together! Life is an adventure! I'm excited to see what doors God opens for Ryan.

Obviously, I can't really blog much about this huge part of our life, so just know that we will open an envelope this summer that will tell us where we are going to live for 3 years while Ryan is a Fellow. You may recall our "match day" experience during med school that led us to Grand Rapids.

Here's a picture of Ruby being proud of her daddy.
I'm so glad I married Ryan when he was in his first year of med school. We've been on this journey together through med school, residency, his year as chief coming up, and then his fellowship training. He is awesome. I am blessed.


Sheila said...

Dad and I are so proud of Ryan, and his diligence. He is a great husband and father. We are also proud of you for all your encouragement and support as you both move through the "process".

McElroy Family Happenings said...

Good luck! What an exciting time in your lives.

Neal, Rachel and Morgan said...

How exciting! Any chance he'll end up back in gr when he is done? My daughter goes to Dr. Conrad for her Celiac! Would be fun to have a dr. I kind of know! Ruby is so cute!

Rachel (Burton)
Hope college

Anonymous said...

Nice suit, Ryan. Did it cost $200?