Monday, May 24, 2010


It was 87 degrees today in Michigan... which is INCREDIBLY AWESOME! Ruby played in the sprinkler with her friends Cash and Parker while My friend Breanne and I sat in the sun sipping diet cokes. It was a wonderful way to spend an hour this afternoon.
Ruby's clothes were soaked, so I put her in her car seat naked for the ride home... and she was lovin' every minute of it. We don't have AC in the car, so all the windows were down and she
laughed, squealed and kicked her legs around the whole way home. Ruby loves playing with her friends almost as much as she loves the wind blowing on her nakedness.


Mark Beeson said...

Fun! Fun! Fun!

judy dillon said...

Hi Amber~

It was wonderful to get a hug from you on the special day that Ruby and Lydia were dedicated at GCC! I'm glad I was there to witness it! And how special for all of you to have your dad and mom be the ones to dedicate the girls!

I have one of those water tables for my grandkids who are nearly 6 and 3 - they LOVE it - hours of fun!

I also had a mini van when Brian and Jen were younger - I LOVED driving that thing! Mine was a Plymouth Voyager with "wood" panels on the sides - luckily they don't make the wood panels anymore! So much space in there and SO MANY MEMORIES ... like tooling around town, going to sporting events, camping trips, and of course hockey practice & travel weekends with Brian and the many boys and hockey bags that we PILED in there - since I was the mom who didn't work and was always available to drive all the kids:-)

And now - we bought a mini van for the place we have in Florida. It's for toting visitors and their luggage to and from the airports all winter - and we are making some WONDERFUL memories with that mini van too:-) I love driving it and it does bring back special memories of when my kids were younger:-)

OH - the mini vans - you can't go wrong with one!!!

Mo said...

is she walking????

Q, La, and Gooner said...

There is almost NOTHING better then sipping a cold diet coke while watching little ones play in the water. MAJOR fabulousness!