Monday, May 3, 2010

Family in the Woods

I'm feeling quite refreshed after spending the weekend with family that I haven't seen in awhile. Aunt Becky came up north to meet my niece Lydia, along with my Uncle Matt and Aunt Linda. I love spending time with my dad when he is with his brother and sister. I love having that same kind of great relationship with my brother and sister.
My parents are walkers. They walk and walk and walk then they turn around and walk some more. I walked with them a couple of times and now my legs feel like they are going to fall off. It's hilarious. My parents are both fast-walkers anyway, but during their daily walks together they try to go as fast as they can without breaking into a run. They are awesome. I'm glad they spend quality time together each day talking and walking.

My mom simply can't get enough of her two granddaughters. Here she is. Loving every minute with Ruby and Lydia. Ginger the dog seems to be happy too.
My dad is nature man. He sees things in the woods that no one else would notice if he hadn't pointed them out. Then, he grabs his camera and tries to get a great shot so he can share nature with all of us who don't live in the woods. Over the last couple of days we saw deer, turkeys, ton's of birds including an owl, and even a wild turtle. We were driving along the road on Saturday and he pulled the car over, got out and then we saw him taking pictures of this huge crazy-looking alligator snapping turtle.

Life is an adventure. I'm so thankful that Christ came so that we could live life to the fullest. He didn't have to, but He loves us enough that He gave us the capacity for relationship and put us on this incredibly beautiful planet.


Jenny Johnson said...

your dad and Uncle Matt have the same smile.

Thomas said...

I noticed the same thing Jenny... In fact I was thinking I bet they both would ALSO look like that old turtle if someone were to pick them up by their tail and toss them in the water Oh but I digress... Let's just be thankful we don't see that side of them too often... Okay, I thought it was funny. :)