Thursday, February 11, 2010

Just Say No!

Have any of you heard of the "Global Vacation Network"? Well - neither had I, until last night! As I mentioned in my post yesterday, we won a vacation package, all we had to do was go to their 90 minute presentation to claim our prize. (If they would have mentioned the name of their company before the presentation, I would have googled them before we left - but alas, they saved that important info until we got there.)

At one point in the presentation I said "I know a lot of people - why haven't I ever head of you?" and they told me its because of how exclusive they are - that you only qualify if you're between the ages of 22 and 70 and have a credit card. hmmm....

It was a close call - definitely appealing and enticing with lots of bells and whistles... For a small introductory rate of $9,800 and a tiny membership fee of $389 per year we could have vacationed in the lap of luxury for the rest of our life!

But we said no.
Then we said it again.
Then we strongly considered what we might be losing out on.
Then we remembered that we didn't have any money.
Then we said no again.
Then our sales lady lowered the price for us
And Ryan asked her if we could think about it
And she said no, this was our only chance in our lifetime
So we were like "Woah - that's crazy talk! And we said no again.
Then our one-on-one sales person called her manager over
And we said no to him
Then he lowered the price for us
And we said no again

I googled "Global Vacation Network" when we got home and couldn't find a single positive review. SO GLAD WE SAID "NO"!

We both woke up this morning feeling great about the decision we made to walk away. Amazingly, after 2 hours when we left, everyone else that was a part of our presentation was still there, either celebrating the fact that they signed up, or still working through figuring out some way to make it work.

Ironically, I have some doubts about the free airline tickets and 3 day/2 night vacation now that I've googled them - seems like a lot of people didn't get what they thought. We did get a $50 American Express gift card, so that's good for a tank of gas!

So there you go. Was it worth going? Sure! Ryan and I laughed a lot and had a fun evening whispering back and forth about all the places we'd love to travel someday! I'm going to take him to the French Alps and he is going to take me to the Whitsunday Islands in Australia.


bryan said...

woo hoo for $50!!! i hope you get your flights and hotel too- so great that you said noooo so many times!

Becky Hunter said...

I'm just proud to know 'ya! That just say "no" thing is applicable to so many of life's situations. (:
Can't wait to see you, Ryan and Ruby next week!
Love you!

joelandlizzy said...

You are a strong team. I know I were in the situation, I would probably be too worried that I'd offend the sales woman that I'd say yes even before she told me what she was selling. I am impressed. And also sad that we won't be in Orlando during you visit. Much love from the Joel and Lizzy and Luke Hunters! (written by Lizzy)

Anonymous said...

I love your story telling ability. You must have learned from your dad. Thanks for the laughs.

Jonathan Hampton