Thursday, February 18, 2010

I Heart My Cousins

Tuesday night we got the whole family together for a grill out. My awesome cousin Josh took these pics of Ruby meeting a bunch of her second cousins. It was so great for Ryan and I to get to see everyone.
I love seeing my cousins Rhonda and Lisa with their kids... figuring out how to be a mom takes a lot of paying attention. I basically just watched everything they did and took mental notes the whole night.
Aunt Becky was there too - she is the most encouraging woman I know. Pretty much whenever she is around everyone around her is a better person and the world is a better place. Even Ruby was better!
After grilling piles of burgers and dogs, Aaron and Ryan built a raging inferno in the fire pit in Aaron's backyard. All the kids ran around under the canopy of lights hanging from the trees.
It was such a fun night filled with so many people that I love. Here are more pics from Josh. My favorite one with Ruby's reflection in the table.

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Ted Cox said...

I love seeing Ruby chatting it up with the girls!! cute! Hugs, MOMO