Saturday, February 27, 2010


Ruby got to spend time with her cousin Lydia for the first time yesterday. It was so fun to see her reach out to Lydia, inspecting her feet and patting her little body. Lydia is 4 pounds 9.5 ounces and has strawberry blonde hair. She is so cute - I can't tell if she looks more like Ang or John.
I love being close enough to drive down for a couple of days to encourage and help my sister. Lydia isn't even supposed to be born yet, but Angela is already months down the road of being a mom. I am so proud of her, of the sacrifices she is happily making and of the team that she and John have been through this whole process.
My dad took these pictures while the girls sat on the couch together. I love the one of Ruby yawning.


Mark Beeson said...

You and Angela are awesome moms!

April Gann said...

I LOVE these pictures. And how cool that you can show up at home for professional photography sessions! Looking forward to seeing you twice this week, Amber!

Anonymous said...

Ha. Good times! Ruby is the best big cousin EVER!! She is following her your foot steps of being the BEST big cousin and the BEST big sister ever!!! Thanks for coming down and hanging out! Love ya!

Becky Hunter said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Becky Hunter said...

Ok, let me try that again without the typos...What I was saying was: These pics are awesome! Your Dad is a GREAT photographer.
The girls are adorable and as my sons know from experience, there's nothing like having fantabulous cousins!
I miss you, Ruby and Ryan. It was so fun having you around a couple of weeks ago. Come back soon!
God bless you much!!

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