Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Update on Lydia and Angela

Great news!
Angela and Lydia are both getting stronger every day!
Lydia is breathing on her own - which means her breathing tubes have been removed and we can see her sweet little face better! Angela has been able to visit Lydia each day in the NICU, spending time holding her and talking to her. John and Ang took Ryan and I to visit Lydia this weekend. We got to watch them care for their baby, changing her teeny tiny diaper and giving her a sponge bath. Their tenderness toward her is so awesome to watch.
Angela sent me this picture with a note that said "Can't wait to take Lydia home so I can hold her like this all day every day!" I can't wait for that either Ang, She'll be home with you before you know it!

Thank you for your continued prayers for Angela, John and Lydia!


Becky Hunter said...

This is such an awesome picture. It should be titled, "Answered Prayer!" Angela and her sweet, so great! Uncle Hunter and I are continuing to pray. Thanks for posting this picture, Amber!

Sarah said...

She is so little and sweet. It's great to get to see her face! Angela looks GREAT!!