Wednesday, January 27, 2010

On Floating

Ruby has been doing so great at swimming lessons! My friends Kim and Emily and their kids are in our class too! Yesterday was the 3rd of 5 lessons, more than half way done already!

Miss Patty (the instructor) used Ruby as an example in class, which was pretty funny. Apparently she hasn't developed her fears yet, which helps with her newest trick - floating on her back. I'm amazed at how buoyant she is!

I took some video, but I'm having trouble uploading it to iMovie - so I'll have to save the rest of the footage for later. Here's a clip that didn't really need much editing. Enjoy!


Mo said...

Its so funny to see her just floating around. We've been talking about swim lessons ever since we saw Ruby loving it so much. Mom has a pool and with two babies around the water it would be good for Colt to learn to swim. Go Ruby Go!

Georgia Fawcett said...

Amber, what a great video! When she is floating she looks like a doll posed with her arms and legs out. I love the end of the video when you lift her off of her back and she has a great big smile.

The Freuds said...


may i ask where you took swim lessons?? was it forest hills???

megan freudigmann