Friday, February 1, 2008

Winter Observations

There is half a chance that I might have a tendency toward using excessive amounts of windshield wiper fluid. I love it! I really really love it.

Tonight I ran out while driving on the highway - but quickly discovered that driving closer to the car in front of me made enough wet dirty gung splash onto my car to make my wipers more effective.

And another thing, Michigan gets HEAPS and HEAPS of snow. I think living on the other side of Lake Michigan for the last three years spoiled me! I literally slide around at least once a day, get stuck every time I try to pull out of my parking spot, and wear my huge poof coat with a furry hood, gloves and gigantic snow boots everywhere I go.

Schools here have been cancelled for days, and everytime I turn on the TV there is "Late Breaking News" warning me about a "Winter Storm" and "Flash Freeze" situation.

I think I need to buy a plane ticket somewhere warm soon! Ahhhhh!


Elizabeth said...

I know what you mean. Chicago doesn't get nearly as much snow. We got a pretty big storm Thursday night and on Friday there was a lot of schools closed... it made me feel like I was back home in Michigan!

Anonymous said...

I think you should buy a plane ticket to Dallas...It's nice and warm here:)

Snyder said...

You can buy a plane ticket to LA! I'd love a visitor. :)

Tom said...

oh now Amber...haven't you heard? The saying in Michigan is: if you don't like the weather, wait 10 minutes (or 5). lol

I grew up in Michigan, so I know how to drive in this stuff. Just take is slow. HEY! This is a great opportunity to practice and display one of His fruits...patience. :)