Friday, February 15, 2008

My Valentine the Volunteer

My valentine and I decided to Volunteer at the Casting Crowns/Leeland concert last night. Casting Crowns = a little too countrian (country/christian) for my liking, but Leeland is one of my favorite bands. So, last night we got to see Leeland for free while signing up a bunch of people to sponsor kids through World Vision.

Ryan had been on call the night before, awake for 34 hours, so he was a bundle of volunteering fun. He was positive that VanAndel Arena smelled like Chuck-e-Cheese and you should have seen him react to a couple of 6th graders who tried to take a few handfulls of pens from our table. Not a good idea kids....not a good idea.
World Vision is such an awesome organization. Ryan and I have been sponsoring a little guy named Icimone Mario for a few years now and it's a great feeling to be able to help him go to school and get the medicine he needs. Last night around 500 kids got sponsored during the concert. I think if people have an easy way to give, they will give.

Hey World Vision, Nice work making it easy to give!


Anonymous said...

Yay! What great fun! Did you get to keep the coool orange shirts too?
I hope you at least got a pen out of the deal, for Ryans sake at least.

Tim said...

Amber -- we're bringing a small GCC group up to Grand Rapids on Monday to teach workshops at Resurrection Life church. Drop me a note if you want know details!

DC Curry said...

sooooo jealous you got to see Leeland...we should have went!

Seriously we miss you guys like crazy, tell Ryan I'm getting geared up to ride in the spring!

Bring on the sunshine!