Wednesday, February 6, 2008

It's Pothole Season

Yes, Grand Rapids is a wonderful place to live.
The front page of the local news station's website features the biggest story of the day: "It's Pothole Season" and if you click on the link you can submit pictures of the biggest and most troublesome potholes you've come across.
Hilarious. I love that I live here.


LISA V. said...

You would not believe Cleveland Rd. here in South Bend. We've made a driving game of trying to weave around the potholes! It doesn't really work. Nice to know another die hard MIDWESTERN GIRL! LISA V

katie holt said...

avoid south western ave - other than the drug dealers and the tranies, the potholes are horrible up there!

miss you friend!

Terrace Crawford said...

Ouch. That is seriously a DOT failure.


Canadian Girl said...

hahaahaha great blog. Feel free to check mine out.