Sunday, February 17, 2008

New York, LLBean and BBQ

We made it to New York! It's been crazy windy here today. Tomorrow morning we're getting up and driving to Okemo in Vermont for some skiing.
This morning we went to the LLBean outlet store and got some GREAT DEALS! Seriously people, I got a sweet jacket for $30 that was origianlly $150! Ryan and his dad got some matching down poof coats for $20 bucks each. Incredible!

Chris did a promotional photo shoot this afternoon for a band in the area, he is such a professional photographer these days. If you're lucky and you pay him a lot of money he'll take your picture too!
And of course, we couldn't come to New York without having dinner at Ryan's favorite Biker Bar, Dinosaur BBQ in downtown Syracuse. It took almost an hour to get a seat, but the glorious wings made it well worth the wait.

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Your Bro said...

I can't believe those puffy jackets you guys got for 20 bucks!?? Friggan dang that's a good deal.